Infinitely better pediatric and adult home care.

Unlike most specialty pharmacies, Infinity Specialty Services is not limited to providing just a few drugs offered by one or two drug company partners.

Our approach is to specialize in a limited number of areas of care, instead – currently pediatric and adult home care, including transitional care. This means we better understand all the unique needs of our patients and their caregivers. It also means we are able to provide any prescription offered by your neighborhood pharmacist, but with the quality assurance, easy-to-use AccuPak™ packaging, personalized service and free home delivery you can only get from Infinity Specialty Services.

Pediatric Care

Our pediatric expertise ensures, above all else, safe and effective drug use and outcomes for children up to 18 years of age. This may include:

  • Providing alternate dosage forms
  • Specialized drug therapy monitoring
  • Monitoring for safe drug interactions
  • Medication counseling

Adult Care

Adults can have complicated pharmacy needs at home, too, especially if transitioning from long-term care, a hospital or similar. In these at-home situations, it’s crucial to communicate and coordinate properly to avoid any medication errors. To ensure simple, safe treatment, or a seamless transition, our services may include:

  • Collaboration with discharge doctors or nurses
  • Medication reconciliation and therapy management
  • Patient and caregiver education

The Beauty of Being There

Yes, we offer free delivery, but it’s not only for the convenience of our customers. We understand that when you’re taking care of someone – whether a child, a spouse or a parent – you don’t want to leave them alone, even to run to the drugstore. With Infinity Specialty Services, you don’t have to.