Infinity Pharmacy Specialty Services

Infinity Pharmacy Specialty Services is a new kind of pharmacy. We serve patients with acute or ongoing conditions that require a large number and/or combination of medications – almost anything available at your corner drugstore. Based near Dallas, in Richardson, Texas, we were built from the ground up to make ordering, receiving and administering these medications as simple, convenient and safe as possible.

Easy Meds Management

Dealing with a lot of meds, dosage and schedules can be confusing. Our convenient, pre-packed AccuPakTM comes with exactly what the patient needs, including dosage date and time.


Insurance Process Assistance

We’ve also solved your health insurance challenges. We’ll deal with your provider to help you with authorizations, verifications, payments and paperwork.


Personalized Home Delivery

We’ll make sure you have everything you need delivered to your front door – from our AccuPakTM to liquids to supplies – long before you need it.


All for No Extra Cost

Using Infinity Specialty Services costs the same as any other pharmacy that accepts Medicaid, Medicare or commercial insurance plans. You just get more.




Helping providers provide better care.

At Infinity Pharmacy Specialty Services, we’re redefining specialty pharmacies. Although we’re focused on pediatrics and long-term care, we’re not limited to a finite number of drug companies; with Infinity, the possibilities are infinite. Our comprehensive care – backed by pharmacological expertise and industry-leading technology – will lead to improved compliance and better outcomes for all your post-discharge patients. They’ll get their meds. They’ll take their meds. And they won’t come back to you, except to say “thank you.”

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